jeudi 8 octobre 2009

Simplant planner v8.33 pour chirurgiens dentistes

SimPlant Planner allows you to plan implants in 3D.

SimPlant Planner is for the surgeon who likes the comfort of receiving a cleaned-up 3D image of his patient delivered to his doorstep. Your partner in this procedure is the SimPlant Master who will process your (CB) CT data and convert them into cleaned-up 3D files, ready for implant planning.

SimPlant Planner has been created to help the implant dentist determine the perfect location for every implant while at the same time achieving the finest esthetic result. SimPlant Planner is full of tools that embody that purpose:

* Easy implant creation
* A library with more than 8000 different implants and abutments
* Nerve creation
* 3D transparency tool for investigation of the position of the nerve towards the implants
* Easy assessment of the bone density
* True 3D planning, involving realistic implants and views inside the bone
* Ordering of SurgiGuide drill guides for sub-millimeter surgery

If you would like to convert your patient’s (CB) CT images yourself, please refer to the SimPlant Pro software package.

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