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Programme médicale

Diagnosis Pro 5.0

Diagnosis Pro 5.0: The Ultimate Differential Diagnosis Assistant (CD-ROM for Windows and Windows CE Hand-Held Devices, PDAs, Individual Version)

By Charles R. Meader

Publisher: Medtech USA

Number Of Pages:

Publication Date: 2001-01-15

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1889185094

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781889185095

Binding: CD-ROM

Product Description:

DiagnosisPro, developed by MedTech USA, is today’s most powerful, interactive tool which allows healthcare professionals to quickly generate differential diagnoses, based on multiple entries. By simply entering findings such as signs, symptoms, lab values, X-ray or EKG results, DiagnosisPro instantly generates a hierarchical list of diseases from its database of 10,000 diseases, 20,000 findings, and 250,000 relationships.

DiagnosisPro also provides a detailed review of each of the 10,000 disease. Disease reviews include demographic information, clinical presentations, abnormal lab values, pathophysiology, rule-outs, complications, and treatments, plus more than 15,000 ICD codes. The new version includes a hot link to MedLine and Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, as well.

The program's database has been compiled by reputable physicians from more than 70 prestigious medical resources including Harrison's Internal Medicine, Stein Internal Medicine, Cecil Textbook of Medicine, The New England Journal Of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet, etc.

Differential diagnosis can be generated on a multitude of platforms such as CD-ROM for single user, institutional, network, and Windows CE handheld devices such as iPaq by Compaq , Jornada by HP, and Cassiopeia by Casio. The database can also be integrated with third party contents such as electronic patient records, billing and charting software.

DiagnosisPro is designed to make the physician's practice safer, reduce billing errors, improve the quality of care and save time, especially in complex cases. As some doctors say, "How can you treat it if you can't think about it?" - a must-have decision support tool for every physician.



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